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This corner of the interwebs is designed to be a trove of all the wonders, delights, and curiosities that have brought fullness to my life.

Lists of all the media that have entertained me, tales of nostalgia and novelty from my youth, chronicles on the hobbies that have meant so much to me— all of it will be here for you to unwrap like a present decked in happy sparkly gift paper.


  • Redo layout for Guestbook page
  • Redo the layout of my Film & TV booth page
  • Redo layout for Blue's Clues page
  • Redo layout for Crafting booth page
  • Redo layout for Resources page
  • Optimize my homepage and button wall page for mobile screens
  • Optimize my resources page for mobile screens;
  • Change all font sizes from px to em/rem
  • Rewrite my memories of VHSs and video rental stores that are on my Film & TV booth page
  • Write about my experiences with the drive-in theater for my Film & TV booth page
  • Write "What is soulbonding?" section for my Soulbonds Fav Fair booth page
  • Add a Webrings and Pixel Cliques page
  • Add a home buttion to my links & resources page
  • Add a back to top button for my links & resources page
  • Add a booth to my Fav Fair booth carousel for Games
  • Add a booth to my Fav Fair booth carousel for monsters
  • Design and add a sitemap
  • Design and add a Games Booth Page
  • Design and add a Monsters Booth Page
  • Add "Blue's Clues Food I've Had" carousel slideshow to my Blue's Clues page
  • Add a button to give people the option to disable animations and gifs on my website


September 2023
  • 10/20: Launched my horror movie playlist page; Fixed some errors that was happening with my freezeframe.js buttons; Added more links to my resources page;
  • 10/19: Added lazy loading to all the scrollable images on my page; removed target=black for button wall due to accessibility concerns; fixed the missing frame and background on my home and button wall pages;
  • 10/17: More links to my resources page;
  • 10/16: Reorganized folder structure and compressed images;
  • 10/12: More links to my resources page;
  • 9/22: Added on/off animation gif toggle to my webpages for accessibility;
  • 9/21: The redesign of my resources page is LIVE!!! 🎉🎉🎉
  • 9/20: Resized images and reduced data load to decrease website refresh size;
  • 9/16: Added some things to my to do list and rearranged them in approx. priority; added some more blinkies to my Snapshot of Me section; Cleaned up some of my code on the backend; Changed all font sizing to em; Fixed keyboard tab navigation;
  • 9/14: Added 28 new buttons to my button wall;
  • 9/13: Redesigned the entirety of the main homepage;

    Removed all dead links from button wall, updated 6 buttons to newer ones, and added 28 brand new ones;


Snapshot of Me


Lav & Val


She/Her & He/Him


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DISABLED HOTTIE firefox user weird girl alert WEREWOLF LOVER Nerdy Weirdo WEBMISTRESS cleverly disguised as a responsible adult Radfems fuck off I'm neurodivergent That's Miss Brat to you Passionate for Purple I heart Blue's Clues SCRAPBOOKER My guy doesn't wear my dresses, He has his own! cozy gamer MY BRAIN IS GOOP CAUTION! PAINFULLY HONEST clutter queen, collector of everything if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am I used to contain myself, but I escaped ACAB (all cops are bastards) Polyamory - I love my partners! Pretty Boy Monster Girl Maniac I love 80s toys fuck you cis beauty standards I love crafts. Queer as in fuck you! rainbow lover I love pastel colors! you cannot comprehend the depth of my exhaustion. i live my own world anti-copyright this user is a bunny Film Enthusiast Caution: I Bite! Fem + Masc Terms End World Normopathy

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