I can’t claim to have nostalgia for the sites of ol’, but I can say I’m tired of modern social media’s rigmarole. So that’s why I’m here: to just fluff around and find out what Neocities is all about~

If you want to know a bit about me, feel free to click the About tab on the left (ID card icon on mobile). Want to see my take on shrines? Then go to the Fav Fair page (Circus tent icon on mobile). Take a gander at Links (Chainlink icon on mobile) if you would like some more cool sites, how-tos, and tools to look at. And before you leave, please leave a how-do-you-do in my Guestbook (quill pen book icon on mobile) so I know you’ve stopped by!

I’m still working on a lot since I just made this site this April, so please be sure to check back periodically to just peruse over any new additions which will always be added to the Changelog below. If you are curious about my plans for my site, then click those arrows in my To-dos to expand the checklist.

Finally, I try my best to make my site work properly on both desktop and mobile devices and to also make my site accessible, but I'm not a professional by any means, so if something is broken or something I've added makes it hard to interact with my site, just reach out on Neocities or my guestbook at any time and I will see what I can do!


broom and dustpan icon gif Restructure/Fix
  • broom and dustpan icon gif Make my Movies and Media booth page's Movie Playlist page's emoji key into multi-columns
  • broom and dustpan icon gif Redo layout for Crafting booth page
  • broom and dustpan icon gif Redo layout for Guestbook page
paint palette icon Stylize
  • paint palette icon Remove backgrounds on Blue's Clues food images
  • paint palette icon Style sitemap page
  • paint palette icon Design Social Media Links for About Page?
writing pencil icon gifWrite
  • writing pencil icon gifWrite "What is soulbonding?" section for my Soulbonds Fav Fair booth page
  • writing pencil icon gifWrite Likes & Dislikes for my About Page
plus icon gif Add
  • plus icon gif Add "Blue's Clues Food I've Had" carousel slideshow to my Blue's Clues page
  • plus icon gif Make the movie posters on my Movies and Media booth page's Movie Playlists page open into pop-up info cards
  • plus icon gif Add Userboxes, 88x31, stamps, and blinkies to about me page?
  • plus icon gif Add HTML Card Slider/Carousel to my Crafting booth page linking to the full gallery on my Ko-fi
  • plus icon gif Add a button to give people the option to disable animations and gifs on my website
  • plus icon gif Add a graphics/badge/award section to my website?
text "new" icon gif check mark icon Done
  • text "new" icon gif check mark icon Style Micro Journal page to looke like note cards
  • check mark icon Redo layout for Blue's Clues booth page
  • check mark icon Write why I enjoy watching movies/tv and about my movie experiences growing up for my Movies & Media Fav Fair booth page
  • check mark icon Create a sitemap page
  • check mark icon Add the buttons of my mutuals/following to my button wall
  • check mark icon Design Neocities Button
  • check mark icon Add HTML Slider/Carousel Movie Playlists to Movies & Media Fav Fair booth page
  • check mark icon Add pixel graphic & backgrounds credits to Credits page


July 2021

7/04: Updated my Watch History section of my Movies & Media Fav Fair Booth Page; Added Domino as my Micro Journal page; Stylized the cards on the Micro Journal page to look like notepaper; Fixed the hyperlink in the sidebar linking to the Micro Journal page;

June 2021

6/22: Added an extra button to my button wall and also added target="_blank" to all the links on the wall so when you click, they open in a new tab;

6/15: Added scroll snap to the movie playlists under my Movies & Media section of my website;

May 2021

5/29: Added some more movies to my Movie Playlists section of my Movies & Media Fav Fair booth page;

5/26: Added a Blue's Clues-themed "Fav Fair" button to my Blue's Clues booth page;

5/19: Redid the layout on my Blue's Clues Fav Fair booth Page; Added the Blue's Clues house as my "back to home" button on my Blue's Clues page; For the new layout, split the text containers into 2 separate boxes; Placed the "Blue's Clues Fanfic book" in the middle of the two text containers instead of on the side;

5/19: Added "My Childhood Media Memoirs" text to the first page of my Movies & Media Fav Fair booth page;

5/15: Added all the movies I've watched in 2021 so far to my Movies and Media's Watch History subpage as well as links to my trakt.tv, letterboxd, and myanimelist;

5/13: Added some more to-dos to my main landing page; Created sitemap page (still need to stylize it);

5/11: Designed my own Neocities button and added it to my button wall page; Added my mutuals/following's buttons (with links) to my button wall page;

5/05: Fixed an issue where icons weren't showing up on mobile except on main landing page; Added more credits with links to credits page; Added 3 movie playlist sliders + movie playlist emoji key to my Movies & Media "Movie Playlists" subpage; Moved Crafting, Soulbonding, and Blue's Clues booth pages inside the Fav Fair folder in my site directory;

5/04: Redid movies and media booth page to have same layout as main landing page and added the subpages "watch history", "movie reviews", and "movie playlists" to it;

5/03: Completely redesigned my landing page AGAIN, because I wasn't happy with the last one, it felt too sterile and boxy. This current one feels much lighter with room for decorations;

5/02: Completely redesigned the layout of my main landing page and moved tab sections to their own pages; Added "sitemap" page;

April 2021

4/21: Added 2 new tabs to my sidebar on my main landing page: a micro journal tab and a button wall tab;

4/19: Wrote and added Welcome intro to my main home tab; Reworked the entire html and css structure of my tabs on my main page. This will allow me to adds more tabs in the future without messing up the way it looks.

4/18: Finished the "Generators Galore" section of my links tab;

4/17: Designed my guestbook page so it looks good and added a link to it on my main landing page;

4/16: Added 2 tables to the Links section of my main landing page and filled them with cool resources; Changed up the sizing of the text container on the main landing page so that it fills up the whole page without scrolling; Changed link colors to be a bit darker and more purple;

4/15: Added text container and "Go Back to Home" link button to Crafting page; Changed colors of background image for Crafting page and fixed tiling;

4/14: Added a text box to my media page showing my results for the "Complete List of Walt Disney Movies" list challenge (if you take the challenge too, let me know how many movies you've seen!);

4/13: Restructured the CSS of yellow frame on Blue's Clues booth page, I've made it as good as it is going to get, any text should be readable on all devices now although it looks aesthetically best on desktop;

4/12: Added little pixel icons to my to-do list; Added new items to my to-do list; Added an html collapsible list to changelog;

4/10: Added a Blue's Clues booth (w/ landing page link) to my Fav Fair; Gave Blue's Clues page a background, a container with frame (doesn't look good on tablet, but is fine on desktop and mobile; will try to figure out how to get it to look better on tablet eventually), Sparkly Blue's Clues pawprints, and a floating image with a link to a cute Blue's Clues fanfic; Added "go back to home" buttons to booth pages that have backgrounds; Removed Organization booth page; Added a background to crafting booth page (need to fix weird stretching);

4/09: Added the landing page for the Movies & Media, Crafting, and Organization booths for the Fav Fair Section of my website, gave Movies & Media a background and text container;

4/08: Added pixel booth images to Fav Fair page; Started working on Soulbonds landing page by adding a responsive background, firefly effect, text container, glowtxt title, and details menu for "what is soulbonding?"; Added a few more credits to credits page;

4/07: Added icons to the navigation sidebar for mobile version of my website; added a new to-be-edited credits page linked at the bottom of the homepage; Started adding details to about page; added a section to the links page for various graphic generators (currently without links);

4/05: Added an animated title header to the top of the webpage; Gave names to the 4 tabs in the navigation sidebar;

4/04: Created my website!!! Gave my site a background, tabbed text container, and added an "under construction" animated marquee scroller banner to the top of my webpage;

Just Fluffing Around