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How Blogs Broke the Web

My Corner of the Internet

Old Web, New Web, Indie Web

Digital Gardens

The Rise and Fall of Internet Art Communities

How Web 2.0 is Ruining Fandom

When Authors Stopped Being Friends and Turned into Content Providers

The Small Web is Beautiful

Cellar Door A.K.A. Web Rings and Links

Curation IS Creation

HTML Competency is the New Punk Folk Explosion

Stop Talking and Start Buying Things

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The Candybox Blog

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Privacy-First & FOSS Programs

AlternativeToAlternativeTo is great for finding (hopefully, FOSS) alternatives to any app or software.

Awesome Privacy Github ListMasterlist of privacy-first alternatives for everything.

How to live without GoogleArticle featuring tons of alternatives to Google apps and programs.

Time to Encrypt the Cloud CryptPad BlogEnd-to-End Encrypted Suggestions for cloud vaults.

FirefoxTo avoid Google gaining a higher monopoly in the browser wars, I don't recommend using a chromium browser, even the privacy-first forks. Instead, I suggest Firefox! It's privacy conscious, open sourced, owned by a non-profit organization, and has so many cool features. There are other forks of it as well for even more security.

BitwardenTo have a more secure online, you need to have unique, complex passwords for every account. To avoid having to remember each one, get a password manager! Bitwarden is my open source and end-to-end encrypted auto-fill password and note vault of choice.

Trust ZoneThis is the VPN I personally use, but I’ve also heard Proton's is good.

ProtonmailAn end-to-end encrypted email host I highly recommend.

Libre OfficeA powerful open source offline office suite; replacement for Microsoft Office.

Crypt PadAn end-to-end encrypted and open source online office suite that allows both sharing and simultaneous collaborations; replacement for Google Docs.

PicnicA minimalist end-to-end encrypted collaborative online writing program.

ObsidianMy new go-to FOSS, local-first note-taking app.

PlayniteThis is a multi-platform FOSS game library to put all your emulated, Steam, GOG,, and Epic games into.


DRM Removal 2023 Workaround

Calibre is a FOSS digital book library that also allows to remove DRM for Kindle books. Back up your libraries so you don't lose them!
Have I been Pwned?Safely and legally check if your email or phone has been caught up in a data breach.

Just Delete MeUse this site to figure out the process to delete your accounts on various websites.

TOS;DRNobody reads terms of services as much as they should, so this site helps to sum up the legal jargonese on various websites so you know what you're signing up for when you click "accept & continue".

Stop Apps from Tracking YouA guide for which settings to turn off to prevent Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the like from collecting data on you from their software, apps, and devices. Double check if there is any settings not covered in this article.

Windows 10 Security Guide [1] [2] [3]All these guides help make using Windows a little more secure and prevent Microsoft from data tracking you.

How Companies Use Dark PatternsWebsite explaining all about dark patterns and what they look like.

My Suggested Extensions

Auto Tab DiscardDo you like to open tons of tabs to save things to read later? This add-on will pause those tabs’ sessions until you click to view them again so you can keep them, but reduce your ram usage.

DecentralEyesAnother tracking blocker that focuses on centralized content delivery hubs (google, yandex, etc.)

Facebook ContainerFacebook can track you even if you don't have an account with them via any Facebook button embedded on any website. Get this add-on to fence off those button trackers and if you do have to open Facebook/Instagram in your browser for any reason, it will automatically put them in their own separate containment tabs too.

HTTPS EverywhereIt does what it says on the tin, make all sites have https when possible and optionally alert you when a site does not.

Multi-Account ContainerOpens tabs in isolation from each other so you can log in as different users in the same window without logging out.

Privacy BadgerThis has an intelligent bot that will learn to block cookies or whole parts of a site to prevent tracking.

Privacy PossumA fork of Privacy Badger that is not only a tracking blocker, but also a data tracking falsifier that will send out nonsense data to waste companies as much money as possible.

TamperMonkeyThis is great for installing scripts for specific sites. My list of scripts are:UnDiscord Discord History Deleter,Discord History Tracker, and AO3 Kudosed and Seen History.

uBlock OriginThe best ad blocker you could ever ask for and one that doesn’t secretly whitelist certain sites like Adblock Plus does.

Wayback MachineThe official extension for the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive.

ClearURLSAn extension that will clear links from sites that put data trackers in them.

UblacklistAn extension that will allow you to block whole websites from your search results.
Link HintsA browser extension that will make any interactable thing on a web page have a keyboard key linked to it allowing you to exclusively move around a page with your keyboard regardless of the website's design.

Games and Time Sinkers



Sweet & Salty Phrase Generator

Perchance Random Text Generator Generator


Drawing Garden

Bongo Cat

Draw a Stickman Adventure

Kittens Text Game


Orb Farm

Terms and Conditions Game

The Quiet Place Project

Pixel City Creator

What Color is it?


Touch Pianist

The Useless Web

Bored Button

Pointless Sites

Little Alchemy 2

Lonely Witch Alchemy

Annoying Calculator

Explorable Explanations


Pointer Pointer


Space Cadet Pinball

Web Building


HTMLBasixHas some nice HTML generators as well as HTML tutorials.

HTML.amMore HTML Generators.

HTML Details GeneratorSimple generator to make <detail> tag trees.

Rainbow Text FaderLet's you pick multiple colors you want your text to have and spits out a HTML code for it.

HTML FormatterTake all of your messy code, paste it in this formatter, and it will spit it out again with perfectly spaced indents for easier reading of your html file.


CSS Selector GameA game that teaches you about different CSS selectors and pseudo-selectors.

Flexbox Field GuideA beautifully illustrated guide on learning CSS Flexbox.

CSS Flexbox Froggy GameAn adorable frog-themed game to learn CSS Flexbox.

CSS Grid Garden GameA fun colorful game that teaches you CSS Grid.

Dannarchy's Mobile-Friendly Sites with CSSQuick and dirty tips for mobile responsive websites.

CSS TricksA huge resource for CSS guides and tutorials to do just about anything.

CSS ScriptCSS style libraries and loads of guides for Pure CSS features.

You Don't Need JavascriptCSS Alternatives to Javascript.

CSS LayoutsLots of CSS codes for different website components like loading spinners and navigation.

CSS ClippySuper helpful generator to make CSS clip paths.

CSS Background GeneratorMess with the settings on a mixtape to create a unique background out of only CSS.

CSS Gradient GeneratorMake beautiful CSS gradients.
CSS Only BackgroundsWhat it says on the tin, a generator that let's you make simple pattern backgrounds that are Pure css.

Flaticon Pattern GeneratorMake a tiled background with a wide selection of icons.

Background Repeater GeneratorMake tiling backgrounds with this neat generator.

Pattern GeneratorChoose from a selection of shape patterns and then mess with the options to create a unique background.

PatternifyMake pixel-style repeating background tiles.

Stripes GeneratorMake stripe patterns with only CSS.

Border Image Generator

This tool from Mozilla will help you create borders/frames from any image.
Decorative CSS BordersUnique beaded and dashed borders.

Broider Pixel Border Generator

Make pixel borders with this tool.
Multiple Borders with CSSHow to stack multiple borders with CSS.

CSS Hover EffectsDifferent CSS effects when you hover over objects.

Animate.styleNeat CSS animations.

Text Stroke GeneratorA generator that will help you make outlines around your text with CSS.
Neat Text EffectsCSS library for neat text effects.

CSS BeautifierPaste in your CSS code for it to be formatted with neatly tabbed indents.

HTML, CSS, & Javascript

W3SchoolsThe best resource for learning and referencing everything HTML and CSS.

Old Webmaster's Guide to Mobile-Friendly WebsitesAnother guide for mobile-friendly websites.
HTML & CSS Code GeneratorsThis site has some great HTML and CSS generators.

Web Code ToolsA code snippet generator for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

Dynamic DriveEven more code snippets.

Mf2fmSeveral code snippets and generators.

Html DogWell-written guides to HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
EncodednaMore CSS and HTML codes.

DoodlenerdHas a lot of practical and fun code generators. I especially recommend the CSS Animations Generator, which is what I used to make my bouncy title on my homepage.

HScriptsThat's right, more codes and generators.

Image Lightbox ScriptJavascript code to make images open in shadowboxes when clicked.

Layout ItMy go-to CSS grid layout generator.


Webmaker.appA free and open source live preview code editor that also works offline.
Font IdentifierA bookmarklet that will attempt to identify a font on a webpage.

Straw.pageA wysiwyg site builder that allows you to make funky websites. 5 pages for the free tier.

mmm.pageA wysiwyg fully mobile responsive site builder that let's you make creative webpages that aren't just blocks. 3 pages and 30 blocks per page for the free tier.

Status.cafeA micro update log that provides a widget to add to your website.

Webaim & Contrast Grid Helpful sites to check the color contrast of your texts and backgrounds for accessibility. Second link let's you do up to 8 at once.

Graphics & Pretties


Cool TextMake some cool looking static and animated texts.

Flaming TextKind of similar to Cool Text and Text Space, but with way more control over the options.

GigaglittersLots of glitter text animations to choose from.

Glitter-GraphicsMyspace fonts text generator. This site also has a lot of graphics and other generators too.

GlowtxtMake some fancy text with each a small selection of colored textures and even animations to choose from.

Loading.ioBeautiful text animations that can be exported to SVG or GIF. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to pay, the width can only be 280px max and there is only a few select fonts to choose from. Still worth looking it though.

PicasionMore Glitter text.

PookatooVery similar to Glowtxt.

Text SpaceVery similar options to Cool Text.

TextanimChoose from a wide variety of patterns and then select the font, the direction, and speed of the animation.

Image Editors

TinyPNGCompress PNG and JPEG images down for websites without losing any quality.

PixelItTurn any photo into a pixel image.

EZgifThe best gif maker out there with so many editing options and completely free.

8 MB VideoCompress a video down to just under 8mb.

Dither Me ThisPhoto ditherer.

Online Image EditorUnder the "Advanced" option you can glitterify sections of any image and there are many glitter chips to choose from.

GlitterbooMake your images sparkle with many different effects.

Graphic Libraries

A robust and expansive gif collection.
Huge Background Images LibraryA codepen full of a variety of tiled backgrounds.

Big Link List of Graphic WebsitesAn incredible directory of so many different sites that offer free graphic linkware and abandonware.

Pixel-SoupMy favorite pixel image library.

Peachie's Collection of Cute StuffAn archived pixel library.

Animated Gifs

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection

A graphic collection dump.
DreamroomMake a pixel room; slightly unfinished.

Web Creations By JumpyAn old-style image collection library.

Silent EarsA sparkly gif image collection.

Directories & Search Engines

Pilgrim Arena



Search My Site

Tiny Tools

Ooh Directory

8 StumbleUpon Alternatives



List Me

Gray's List

The Forest

Brisray's Webring List

MelonLand Surf Club

Forever Like This's Webring & Directory List

Joe Jenett IWebThings

Digital Gardeners List

Whimsical Club

Oh Hello Ana

Old Avista

Link Lane

Gossip's Web



Helpful Posts

Mental Crop Rotation

Brush Your Teeth Masterpost

What the Imperial Measurement System is Good for

Spoon Theory

Fork Theory

Life Lessons

Interactive Tools

You Feel Like Shit Interactive Tool


Interactive Emotion Wheel



Flux Blue Light Filter

Accessible Nature

Can I Play That?

Does the Dog Die?

Reel Scary

Pain, Fatigue, and Mental Health Scales

Rainbowriffic Pain Chart made by Clover Coin

Five Reasons Fatigue Isn't Like Normal Tiredness (Proving Most People Don't Get It) + Fatigue Scale made by Miss Treated

A Simple Mental Health Pain Scale made by The Graceful Patient

Quality of Life Scale made by The ACPA

Tiredness/Fatigue Scale made by 19-Magpies-in-a-Trenchcoat

Tidying & Maintenance


The Very Basics of Not Killing Your Computer

Good 2023 Computer Specs for the Common User

How to Do Things

How to Do Stuff

How to Do Everything

How to Do Hard Things


Visible Mending

This to That

Build a Better DIY Air Purifier

Chore Management

Habitca App

Junebugging: The Chore Solution for the Overwhelmed

Bundle Habits Together, not Tasks

Ridiculously Easy Ways to Deal with Executive Dysfunction

How to Handle Having Too Much to Do

Organizing Solutions for the Scatterbrained


The Clutterbug Quiz

Pare Down to Your Weird Shit

Tidying Up Isn't About Minimalism

What "Spark Joy" Actually Means

Helpful Calculators

Compare Lists

Optimal Sleep Calculator

Bra Size Calculator

Fancy Ham US Postage Calculator


Johnny.Decimal Digital Organization

Dafuq is Credit and How Do You Bend it to Your Will?


Interpersonal Relationships

Signs You're in an Emotionally Healthy Relationship

Ask Culture Vs. Guess Culture

Choose People You'd Trust Kids With

Bids for Attention in Relationships

How to Argue Effectively

The Point of Affinity Networks

Transformative Justice 101

We Don't Do That Here

The Dangers of Labeling People Evil

Progressive vs Conservative Values on Human Life

Inhabit Global

Food Resources


Too Good To Go

Food Not Bombs

Falling Fruit

Little Frees

Little Free Library

Little Free Pantry

Free Edge

Free Little Blockbuster

Maps & Projects

Buy Nothing Project

Free Cycle

The Street Store

Repair Cafe

Community Seed Network

Mutual Aid Hub

Mutual Aid Map

Transition Network

Shareable Community Maps


Manage My Co-op

A Field Guide To Wheatpasting

Low Tech Magazine

The Small Things Manifesto

Wealth Shown to Scale