Generators Galore

Static & Animated Text

Cool Text Make some cool looking static and animated texts.
Flaming Text Kind of similar to Cool Text and Text Space, but with way more control over the options.
Gigaglitters Lots of glitter text animations to choose from.
Glitter-Graphics Myspace fonts text generator. This site also has a lot of graphics and other generators too.
Glowtxt Make some fancy text with each a small selection of colored textures and even animations to choose from. Beautiful text animations that can be exported to SVG or GIF. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to pay, the width can only be 280px max and there is only a few select fonts to choose from. Still worth looking at though.
Picasion More Glitter text.
Pookatoo Very similar to Glowtxt.
Text Space Very similar options to Cool Text.
Textanim Choose from a wide variety of patterns and then select the font, the direction, and speed of the animation.


Border Image Generator This tool from Mozilla will help you create borders/frames from any image. I used this on my Blue's Clues booth page.
CSS Beautifier Paste in all your CSS code and it will format it to have all those neatly tabbed sections with the brackets on the outside to make your CSS file managable and readable.
Doodlenerd Has a lot of practical and fun code generators. I especially recommend the CSS Animations Generator, which is what I used to make my stretching title at the top of this page.
HTMLBasix Has some nice HTML generators as well as HTML tutorials.
HTML & CSS Code Generators This site has some great HTML and CSS generators.
HTML Formatter Take all of your messy, messy code, paste it in this formatter, and it will spit it out again with perfectly spaced indents for easier reading of your html file.
Layout It Make a CSS grid layout.
Rainbow Text Fader Let's you select the colors you want your text to have and then spits out a HTML code for you to copy-paste.
Web Code Tools A code snippet generator for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

Backgrounds & Patterns

CSS Background Generator Mess with the settings on a mixtape to create a unique background out of only CSS.
CSS Gradient Generator Make beautiful CSS gradients.
CSS Only Backgrounds What it says on the tin, a generator that let's you make simple pattern backgrounds that actually is all css.
Flaticon Pattern Generator Make a tiled background with a wide selection of icons. I used this to make the background for my Crafting booth page.
Pattern Generator Choose from a selection of shape patterns and then mess with the options to create a unique background.
Patternify Make pixel-style repeating background tiles.
Stripes Generator Make stripe patterns with only CSS.

Calculators, Converters, Makers, & More

Bra Size Calculator Getting a good bra is such a finicky thing and up to 80% of people usually have completely the wrong size. Follow the steps to get your numbers and put them in the calculator to get the most accurate size in UK and US sizes.
Dinopass I use the Strong Password version of this password generator to create complex, nonsensical passwords for all my accounts that are still easy to type out.
EZgif The best gif maker out there with so many editing options and completely free.
Fancy Ham US Only - Add the currency value of all stamps you have on hand in the first section and the total price needed to cover your letter based on its weight and measurements in the second section and this calculator will spit out the exact amount of which stamps you need to make sure you never spend more on postage than you have to.
Sleep-Calculator Did you know people generally sleep in cycles of 90 minutes and to wake up the least groggy, it's best to wake up in-between? This calculator has 3 scenarios to help you find the right times. I prefer doing scenario 2 and putting in a time 30 minutes to an hour later than whatever the current time is so I have plenty of time to fall asleep.
Springhole Tons of random generators for writers and roleplayers; the site also has a lot of other cool stuff too.

World Wide Web Work

Grand Graphics

Protecting Privacy & Open Source Programs

AlternativeTo I use AlternativeTo all the time to find alternatives to any app or software I’m thinking of trying to see if there is anything better (and hopefully, open source and privacy first) or at least free.
Bitwarden If you want to have a more secure online life, then you need to have 1) different passwords for every single one of your accounts and 2) passwords that are more complex than a single word with a number or two tacked on. How do you remember all that though? You don’t, just get a password manager! I recommend Bitwarden because it’s end-to-end encrypted AND open source. So now all you have to do is remember one pass phrase to give all your accounts different passwords . I also use it instead of my browser’s auto fill to save my card info as well as other secure notes like WiFi passwords.
Crypt Pad An end-to-end encrypted and open source online office suite that allows both sharing and simultaneous collaborations; replacement for Google Docs.
Firefox I’ve seen some people recommend privacy-first chromium-based browsers, but the reason why I don’t recommend that is because chromium, while open source, was still created by Google which is allowing it to increase its monopoly by setting the standards for all browser software, even the privacy-first forks (And like, heck, even Microsoft Edge is chromium now). Firefox on the other hand is developed as its own original software. It is privacy conscious, open sourced, owned by a non-profit organization, and has so many cool features.
Have I been Pwned? Safely and legally check if your email (or phone) has been caught up in a data breach, letting you know if you need to change your passwords or info on certain sites.
Just Delete Me Use this site to find out exactly how to and how easy it is to delete your accounts on various websites across the web with simple instructions or links to the direct part in the settings where that important button is.
Libre Office A powerful open source offline office suite; replacement for Microsoft Office.
Protonmail An end-to-end encrypted email host I highly recommend; it’s the one I use.
Stop Apps from Tracking You There are a lot of guides and tips on the internet for which settings to turn off to prevent Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the like from collecting data on you from their software, apps, and devices. This article is a good place to start, but please check around if there are any new settings or changes to the Big MonopoliesTM that this article doesn’t cover.
TOS;DR You know the terms of services on nearly every site, app, or software that your eyes kind of glaze over at the idea of reading them? Well, this site helps to sum up some of that legal jargonese to help you know what's important to know in the fine print that's relevant to your data and rights so you are more aware and informed about what you are signing away when clicking "accept & continue".
Trust Zone This is the VPN I personally use, but I’ve also heard Proton’s is good.
Windows 10 Security Guide [1] [2] [3] All these guides help you to make using Windows a little more secure and prevent Microsoft from data tracking you.

Here are the add-ons/extensions I recommend for Firefox:

Auto Tab Discard Do you like to open tons of tabs to save things to read later? This add-on will pause those tabs’ sessions until you click to view them again so you can still keep them in your browser, but save your computer ram too.
DecentralEyes Another tracking blocker that focuses on centralized content delivery hubs (google, yandex, etc.).
Facebook Container Did you know Facebook can and will track data on you on every site with a Facebook button embedded in it whether or not you have an account with Facebook? Yeah, it scared me too. Get this add-on and it will not only fence off those buttons so they can’t collect data, but if you have to check Facebook in your browser (and also Instagram, since Facebook owns that too) it will put them in their own containment tab separate from your normal browser history.
HTTPS Everywhere It does what it says on the tin, make all sites have https and optionally alert you when a site does not.
Multi-Account Container Opens tabs in isolation so you can log in as different users in the same window without logging out. Great for us account hoarders out there or for segregating certain sites into its own little section away from the rest of your data.
Privacy Badger This has an AI that will learn to block cookies or whole parts of a site to prevent tracking.
Privacy Possum A fork of Privacy Badger that is not only a tracking blocker, but also a data tracking falsifier that will send out nonsense data to waste companies as much money as possible.
TamperMonkey This is great for installing scripts for specific sites. My list of scripts are: UnDiscord (Discord History Deleter), Discord History Tracker, and AO3 Kudosed and Seen History.
uBlock Origin The best ad blocker you could ever ask for and one that doesn’t secretly whitelist certain sites like Adblock Plus does.

Honorable Program Mentions:

Clip Studio Paint My absolute favorite art program. Super powerful with so many great features. Often goes on sale for $25USD and you get updates for life. It is not a SaaS like Adobe is, but it is definitely on the same par of powerfulness.
Zoho This is a proprietary app and not end-to-end encrypted, but it isn’t Google or Microsoft either, so it’s a good alternative to the monopolies and it has a LOT of options not just as an office suite but also for businesses. I love their Notebook app especially.

Optimistic Organization & Kind Konmari

Recipes for the Ravenous

Just Fluffing Around